Praise & Broken Bones

It’s another day of pulling up Google Maps and calculating 29 minutes to Grandma’s little apartment, buzzing the intercom and creeping upstairs, finding the key and tiptoeing inside to the grayish apartment building, just before the sun finds the cracks in the shades and golden light comes peaking in.   She has so much to praiseContinue reading “Praise & Broken Bones”

dear diary – not forsaken

oh hello, words on a page.  hello, white screen and black keys and blank, lifeless thoughts.  I feel as though someone stuck a tube into my brain and sucked out all of the words and deep thoughts and contemplative reasonings that give way to profound words and poetic phrases.  Lately, it’s been nothing. I haveContinue reading “dear diary – not forsaken”

dear diary – tried and true

I have been writing elsewhere for several months, thus, the lapse in a continual flow of words.  That’s ok.  I have learned a lot, but I’m coming back home in a way.  I like the simple, unhurried, uncluttered look of this blog, so I have decided to reroute, re-do and return to my roots (likeContinue reading “dear diary – tried and true”

dear diary – hope. always. forever.

Yesterday at church, I was Mary.  I stood and read those all familiar verses about Mary and for the first time, I realized the enormity of Mary’s need for her own Son.  Like, crazy, right?  That “this Child that [she] delivered would soon deliver [her]”.   Later, I watched the Nativity movie, and Mary held herContinue reading “dear diary – hope. always. forever.”


Dear April, You were a very good month.  After a slew of not-so-fantastic-could-have-been-better months, April, you were very good.  Lots of growing, growing, growing, ever growing, learning, failing, growing….well, you get the picture.  But also lots of laughter and joy, and joy and laughter and resting and deepening and smelling flowers and drinking coffee and ya know…all thatContinue reading “04.30.2018”