dear diary – that beautiful name

I woke up this morning and wondered why the light coming through my window was so bright.  It was 7:00am.  I looked out at a world that was cascading with white – God had painted the trees last night.  Fluffy, brilliant, clean and sparkling.  The sky was full of clouds, but still, the sparkling whiteContinue reading “dear diary – that beautiful name”

dear diary – even when you don’t feel

the sweet potato casserole is eaten, the leftover turkey was cooked into a curry and served at the church potluck; the cookies and sweets have been tucked away in the downstairs freezer, and I’m feeling a little extra jiggle around the belly. Oh well.  Meal prep and working out 5 times a week starts again.Continue reading “dear diary – even when you don’t feel”

dear diary – ola and love

the winter wonderland comes to me, glistening like silver slippers.  the taste of eggs and mushrooms is still in my mouth as I step outside, the cold hitting me hard.  this is a beautiful morning.  my house was slow in waking up, and still, everyone is in their pajamas, eating pancakes and talking about GrandmaContinue reading “dear diary – ola and love”