dear diary – hope. always. forever.

Yesterday at church, I was Mary.  I stood and read those all familiar verses about Mary and for the first time, I realized the enormity of Mary’s need for her own Son.  Like, crazy, right?  That “this Child that [she] delivered would soon deliver [her]”.   Later, I watched the Nativity movie, and Mary held her Son out to a wizened old shepherd man, as if to say, “He’s for you too.  No one escapes the need for this baby. ”

Wise men came.  They needed Him too.  Herod needed Him too.  So did Simeon and Anna and all 12 disciples, and all of the Roman army, and the whole world then and now.  Sophia needs Him too; that little baby, who became a Man, and a King and who, one day, will return to take her home.

I think of ‘Gym Jennie‘.  She found out last weekend that she has stage 1 cancer, and she is frightened and shocked.  She needs Him too.

I think of ‘Annie‘, who has been through so much in the 15 years she has lived on this earth.  I think of her family and her brother.  A brother suddenly gone after 30 years on this earth.  That hurt will never go away entirely.  They need Him too.

I think of little ‘Sue‘; innocent, blond little Sue, who bakes bread and makes cookies and feeds chickens and plays house and writes letters.  She needs Him too.

I think of those untouched people groups living on islands just off of India.  They need Him too.

I think of our President.  He needs Him too.

I think of big names, movie stars, and glamorous lives who have no need.  Oh, but they need Him too.

I think of Sophia.  She needs Him too.

He came for us.  Rich, poor, extrovert, introvert, infj, estp, barista, gravedigger, politician, pastor, and candlestick maker.

Who is this? Who lives with the lowly?
Sharing their sorrows
Knowing their hunger?
This is Christ revealed to the world
In the eyes of a child, a child of the poor.

This is Christ.  A baby, a Man, a King, a Savior; our Hope.  Always.  Forever.

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