Dear April,

You were a very good month.  After a slew of not-so-fantastic-could-have-been-better months, April, you were very good.  Lots of growing, growing, growing, ever growing, learning, failing, growing….well, you get the picture.  But also lots of laughter and joy, and joy and laughter and resting and deepening and smelling flowers and drinking coffee and ya know…all that good stuff.

As a result, here are some of my #monthlyfavs.  Some very ordinary.  Some – to me at least- rather extraordinary.  All very good.

  1. “You have filled my heart with greater joy”. (Psalm 4:7)  After some hard days and rough nights as well as snow, snow, endless snow, it’s as if I have been pulled out of the Slough of Despond by an Unseen Hand and set up on a Rock that is Higher than I.  I am so thankful for joy.  I am so thankful to be alive and to be filled with a greater purpose than that of living for and loving myself.

  2. No more snow. *And all of Minnesota rejoices.*

  3. Calligraphy on evenings with my little siblings as we listen to the Piano Guys.

  4. Long walks down my favorite trail with my sister who calls me a cockroach and we both laugh uproariously. Idk, but I think sisters are one of God’s greatest gifts.

  5. Burnt bread and laughing at my failure to be a proper “homemaker”.

  6. Rain.

  7. Video chatting my girl, Rachel, and seeing her grow and mature and become such an inspiring, lovely woman.  I love her with all my being.

  8. Watching my friend and her husband successfully start and manage their own franchise.  I couldn’t be more proud of or happy for them.

  9. Early morning scones and coffee with the aforementioned friend.

  10. Taking a month off of Pinterest (at the encouragement of my dear mother) and feeling such relief and clarity of mind because of it.

  11. Seeing the Greatest Showman with my sister (yes, we were late to the game) and having “Rewrite the Stars” and “Never Enough” running through my mind the next day at work.

  12. Home by Libera.  Weird things like flowers and choral music and good books get me teary-eyed, and this piece came close to doing that.  So. Good.

  13. Planting seeds (TWICE) and having only 2 shrimply tomato plants come up.  Sophia, Sophia.  *shakes head*  It seems as though you are destined to be a black thumb, despite the fact you love flowers and farming and all things green.

  14. Sleepovers with friends and going through a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Friends + Ice Cream = match made in heaven (We will forget the fact that we went to bed at 3:00 and woke up at 8:00, and half of those hours I was awake, listening to the train go by and thinking about everything I had to do the next day. Ahhhh.  The life of an overthinker….)

  15. Punch Pizza with my sisters while we shamelessly people watch and talk about our lives. (I think there is a theme of people and food going on this month.  ‘Tis a wonder I have not gained 10 pounds. Or maybe I have….you shall never know, dear reader, for to admit such a thing would be a gravely intrusive confession that I could not bear to make)

  16. “You are not a God who is far off, but a God who is near”  I have found such comfort in these words.

  17. 3 years since the passing of my uncle and watching the faith and strength of my aunt as she forgets her own sorrow to reach out to others who are hurting and cares for their souls in such a deep way.

  18.   Watching the delighted eyes of little old ladies as I play songs from their era.  And having ‘Miss Evy’ who is 104 come up to me and thank me for coming.  Oh, Miss Evy.  I hope I am as spry as you if I ever make it to 104.

  19. Frog hunting with my little brothers.

  20. Library books.  Like, 20-something of them. In one library trip.

  21. Finishing my counseling course after two months.  It was so good.  Because I needed it.  And along with all of that learning were opportunities which I am grateful for, but opportunities that leave me asking God, “please, Lord.  I want to do more.  There are so many hurting people.  Please show me who and where and how.”  Idk if I’ve ever felt more heartbroken for others (especially girls), but at the same time, so hopeful.  Because Jesus is Hope.  And Life.  And there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.

  22. Friends. Friends who read and listen and wait and encourage and care.

  23. And YOU, dear reader.  Thank YOU for reading.

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