So, Fia’s brainwaves are interestingly random sometimes.  One day, she was doing a mundane task like flossing her teeth and a sudden thought popped into mind:  What is the opposite of a bucket list?  Is there such a thing, and if so, what is it called and what would mine be like?

Fia proceeded to google ‘the opposite of a bucket list’ and came up with a very ugly and nasty term that she would not venture to use anywhere in her life.  (Be ye glad)  Thus, she decided to use a much better alternative term:

‘Not a Bucket List.’ (please cheer for originality and creativity and ingenuity as all three are so very lacking in this term)

It is interesting to me how many people create Bucket Lists in the world, yet they rarely think about what their ‘Not a Bucket List’ would be comprised of.

SO, without further delay, here are the beginnings of Fia’s Not a Bucket List:

– Solo sub dive to the lowest place in the ocean.  (No.  Sorry.   Never.) 

–  Go hiking in the Amazon rain forest and meet (and be constricted to death) by a Green Anaconda.

– Eat live worms.  Or anything else that wiggles or squirms when you are trying to bite.

– Visit Antarctica, or the North or South Pole.  I simply have no desire.  Perhaps it is because there are so many other places that are much better for visiting (and enjoying).  Perhaps, even more, it is because I have vivid images of watching (and re-watching) the old, black and white documentary of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition.

– Go into outer space (I much prefer standing on stable ground, looking UP into space, rather being on very unstable ground, looking DOWN at earth.  Besides, I would have this fear of drifting away into space, never to be found or recovered, but simply to die of starvation (or whatever else) while I endlessly float.

– Start a blog…..(oh, wait. Never mind)

– Become a dentist.  Looking at other people’s rotten teeth for a living does not appeal to me, and never has.

– Grow a beard.  I don’t need to expound any further.

– Walking across Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon on a tightrope.  Not for $1,000,000.  Nope.

– Live in a submarine in the ocean for weeks on end.  (There is a theme going on here….)

– Become the president of the United States.

– Visit Paris.  Sorry, it’s never been a desire of mine.  Too touristy.  Too many starry-eyed people floating around on clouds.  I’d rather enjoy Iceland, Cuba, Africa, Romania or my own backyard, thanks.

– Star in a major motion picture.

– Never again eat ice cream.  Or chocolate.  Or drink coffee.

–  Own a cat.

– Living in a lap of luxury without a family, and without a purpose bigger than myself.  Basically, as John Piper puts it, being a “shell collector.”

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